Sylvie’s Creations

Now that have more time to be creative.  I have dabbled in furniture refinishing, gardening, jewelry making, repurposing items, cooking healthier, and decorating.  My inspiration has come from the folks and landscape of my new community.

‘The Starlight Quilters’ have welcomed me into their group.  Their expertise has guided me through my beginner projects to more advanced projects with so much patience, advice, knowledge, wisdom, quilting patterns and needle skills.

I have repurposed old, broken, tarnished and tossed items.  I have collected and created something new or different for furniture, light fixtures, picture frames, crates, skids, driftwood, barn boards, seashells, antlers, chicken wire… you name it.

My community is also very musically inclined. (I however am not gifted. I love music but cannot care a tune, lol.) I have collect old instruments and turn them into wonderful pieces of art.

My husband loves fishing, so we moved back here to his childhood cottage, which is now a house.  Many of my projects were created with the environment, landscape, and heritage in mind.

This blog was created to showcase my creations and my life style.   Hopefully I can inspire others, and gain some ideas to further inspire me.  This will be so much fun.